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06:16 _dab_ jnettlet: 3.15-rc1 I could not get rmk's FEC patches to compile. Giving up ...
06:43 jnettlet _dab_, oh right there were some included that weren't supposed to.
06:43 _dab_ do you know which ones?
06:44 jnettlet yep, one sec just need to give my dogs their morning biscuits
06:44 _dab_ lest they eat you
06:47 jnettlet _dab_, all the net-face patches after 0159-net-fec-unsorted-hacks.patch are experimental
06:49 _dab_ so skip 159 thru 168 ?
06:50 jnettlet skip 160 through 168
06:50 jnettlet keep 159
06:50 _dab_ ok ta
10:59 ralix morning
11:01 jnettlet morning
12:01 Goophy Meh, tror jeg skal lage meg en wlan-proxy.
12:01 Goophy Wlanet her suger ræv.
12:44 DarthNoodle hi, is there anyone about that could possibly help me?
12:45 DarthNoodle i have an cubox-i4 pro. i have tried to boot it and am getting a blank screen
12:45 DarthNoodle i have tried using the debian and android images from the cuebox website but i am just getting blank screen?
12:45 DarthNoodle there is a red light showing at the front of the box
12:46 dz0ny hdmi issues?
12:46 dz0ny try pluging hdmi before starting cubox
12:46 dz0ny switching to hdmi input
12:46 DarthNoodle i have, the power is the last thing i plug in
12:48 DarthNoodle should i not at least get some kind of error message?
12:49 DarthNoodle i know the HDMI worked becuase my initial boot i got to see a tux in the far right corner of the screen
12:49 DarthNoodle it took 3-5 seconds but i did see it!
12:50 DarthNoodle the SD card i bought was a USH-I card and that didnt work, so i knew the SD card that come with it worked. however i am getting blank screens
12:50 DarthNoodle i know the images are writing ok because i can open them up in Linux and browse the file system.
12:51 DarthNoodle if the image is incorrect or it had problems booting woud i not see an error message or something?
12:51 DarthNoodle if anyone could help me out i would be very greatful!
12:54 DarthNoodle only thing i can think of is i possibly have the wrong image or the store has sent me the wrong version of cubox
12:54 jnettlet DarthNoodle, let me finish my lunch and I can probably help you out.
12:55 DarthNoodle ok great! :)
12:55 jnettlet what is the model number on the bottom?
12:55 DarthNoodle CBP-300-P
12:56 jnettlet DarthNoodle, I think you have a CuboxPro, not a Cubox-i Pro
12:57 jnettlet do you have a link to the store where you bought it?
12:58 DarthNoodle i think your right... the sodding solid-run guys pointed me to a uk site and i ordered one!
12:58 DarthNoodle wanted the i-pro
12:59 jnettlet which uk site?
13:00 DarthNoodle
13:02 DarthNoodle think im going to send it back
13:02 jnettlet DarthNoodle, yes that is the original CuboxPro
13:02 DarthNoodle ffs! epic failz
13:03 DarthNoodle is there a UK supplier for the i pro?
13:03 jnettle 13:03 * jnettlet shrugs
13:03 jnettlet I now there are a few resellers, not sure how many. The demand has been quite high
13:05 DarthNoodle yeah i sppose
13:05 DarthNoodle first things first.. need to send this sodding thing back!
13:05 DarthNoodle bah :/
13:07 DarthNoodle thanks for the assistance :)
13:09 jnettlet np. good luck
13:09 bartoli Hi Guys, my first time here
13:10 bartoli I'm trying to get arch running on my cubox
13:10 bartoli Is this the right place to ask some questions?
13:19 jnettlet bartoli, you can try, although depending on the question the Arch forums may make more sense.
13:19 dz0ny guys how do i enable wifi on i4pro?
13:19 dz0ny i don't se wifi device
13:21 bartoli Well the led light on the front of the box stays on
13:22 dz0ny bartoli: same here :>
13:22 bartoli But I don't get any output on the screen
13:22 dz0ny it boots fine eth works but not wifi
13:22 dz0ny I have trid hdmi which is also black (unit you start xorg)
13:23 dz0ny tried*
13:24 bartoli @dzOny you can actually log into the device?
13:24 dz0ny yep
13:24 bartoli I don't even get that far
13:25 dz0ny tested sdcard?
13:25 bartoli I bought a second card with my cubox
13:25 bartoli tried both
13:26 bartoli both failed to show any output
13:26 bartoli tried using the serial input
13:26 bartoli via minicom
13:27 dz0ny does your device gets on network?
13:27 dz0ny or assigned ip?
13:27 bartoli no
13:27 bartoli router shows nothing on lan
13:28 bartoli *router doesn't show the cubox in the lan
13:28 dz0ny sry no idea
13:29 bartoli ok, thanks
13:29 dz0ny 2) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-dfb 3) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-fb 4) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-wl 5) gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-x11 which one to choose :D
13:56 _dab_ jnettlet: rmks patches fail after patch 5. I guess the intent was do something other than apply them in order
14:04 deniska dz0ny: I never managed to get x11 accelerated
14:05 dz0ny q
14:05 dz0ny fb-driver
14:05 dz0ny it is
14:32 jnettlet _dab_, you are applying those to 3.15-pre1
15:07 cbxbiker61 rmk, 222 patches, wow
15:35 dz0ny after some tweaking chromium works, next step chromecast :D
15:57 _dab_ jnettlet: v3.15-rc1 , did I get that wrong
15:57 jnettlet _dab_, no rc1 is right. sorry I was working on another -pre1 directory before I wrote that
15:58 jnettlet I applied them all with no issues at all.
16:00 _dab_ hang on let me check I might hjave done something v. stupid
16:01 _dab_ yep I did something stupid, thanks
16:01 jnettle 16:01 * jnettlet is not sure what he did, but your welcome
16:02 _dab_ u confirmed that they worked